Elevators are mechanical transport vehicles used to transport materials between two points with a height difference. It carries bulk materials such as granules or powders, which need to be transported upright, especially in heavy and high amounts.

Bucket elevators are used in the Salt Refining Line. Bucket elevators enable transport of all agricultural products in the food industry and all dust and granular products in other industries vertically and horizontally. We design and manufacture elevators, usually to transport the finished product to salt silos. We adjust the height of our elevators to the height of silos.


Products, which is poured on the machine with the help of the vibrating feeders or by hand, is transmitted to storage place by the buckets carried by the chains arranged one after another. The chains can rotate endlessly around the gears.

In high-speed elevators, bucket spacings are determined in such a way that material discharged from a bucket does not impact the previous bucket. Weighted unloading, guided weighted unloading and continuous unloading elevators are selected according to the structure of the material and the desired speed.

Elevator Features

  • The elevators are made of two-piece and bolted connections for easy removal.
  • Top heads consist of a pulley, pulley shaft, bearings and bearings, and engine stand and product exit is made from here.
  • It consists of the sub-header, casing, pulley shaft, bearings and bearings, and product inlet and clean covers. Elevator tubes are made of 1.5 mm or 2 mm sheet metal.
  • There is a removable cover on the pipe for changing the bucket.
  • Gearbox motor selection is made according to the height and capacity of the elevators.
  • Gear units with or without brakes can be used upon request.


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