Silo is a structure specially designed according to capacity and material structure, where the wholesale materials are protected, stored and stored. It is widely used for storage of food supplies. The most important feature of silos is that they provide insulation with outside air.

We specially design our salt silos for preventing humidification and flocculence of salt. We design according to the capacity of the salt refining line.


The filling of the silo is done from the top with the help of an elevator. Grade covers in the silo are opened one by one during unloading as starting from the top floor. In the end, the remaining salts on the sides are swept with the steel broom at the bottom of the silo and discharged from the side holes.

The unloading process takes place in 3 different exit parts:

Flow by Natural Gravity

Drain Spool is operated, and a center cover is opened. The material is discharged from the center cap to the bottom.

Additional Outputs

After the material exits the middle hole, the intermediate covers are opened, and the material is discharged from the intermediate exits.


The remaining materials are activated by the drive of sweeper, and discharged.

Salt Silos Features

  • Design and manufacturing methods according to international standards are used.
  • It provides high quality and long life guarantee.
  • AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316T quality certified stainless steel or ST37 quality certified steel material is used.
  • It has the option of mixing, heating, and cooling.
  • Special flame arrester and foam system for hazardous materials.


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